I am a writer, translator, and amateur illustrator from Vienna based in New York City.

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A short story about an obsessive teen’s encounter with Harry Lime at the Thanksgiving table

published in The Missouri Review’s online prose anthology, January 2023

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“When we were at Casablanca, we could still emerge from this world with a productive sacrifice, as heroes. There had not yet been a Holocaust. Now, The Third Man says that we can’t get what we want. Our heroes are dead; they weren’t even heroes to begin with. The Third Man predicted the message-board troll, the supposed friend who shows up in an AOL chat disguised as someone else. The Third Man knows you really don’t know who your friends are . . .”



Küss Mich, Libussa -- novel, edition a, October 2013 (in German)

English translation of one excerpt, “Visiting the Snow Queen” by Emma Rault, published in Queen Mob’s Tea House, Spring 2017

The Third and Other Harry -- short story, The Missouri Review, January 2023

The Perverts -- (30 minute play) staged reading produced by UA Theatre and Dance, Spring 2019

Lady Bluebeard -- short story, Bosie Magazine, Winter 2019

There Are No Happy Loves -- chapbook by Two Trick Pony Press, September 2018
previously published in Apofenie, Spring 2018

In the Catskills -- fiction excerpt, in Emerge: 2016 Lambda Fellows Anthology,
Spring 2017 - watch a video of reading

Those Smarting Stars -- short story, Broad! Magazine, Winter 2015

Die Fürst -- short story, published in The Gap, issue No. 142, March 2014 (in German)

Podrugi -- short story in wtf!-magazine’s Erotica Collection, ed. by Amira Ben Saoud, 2012
(in German)


Séances with Sisi at Kenyon Review, June 2023

The Music of Tár at, March 2023

Pants Roles: Gender Fluidity and Queer Undertones in Opera at, June 2022

The Creative Brilliance of Louise Fitzhugh: On Sometimes You Have to Lie by Leslie Brody: essay in Lambda Literary Review, Fall 2021

Wagnerism Grapples with Richard Wagner’s Complex Legacy:
essay in Lambda Literary Review, Fall 2020

Trumps Chance: essay in Datum Magazin, Spring 2020

Fingerplay and Handmaidens: essay in Lambda Literary Review, November 2016

Wo bleiben die Lesben?: essay in DerStandard, November 2013 (in German)


Contributing writer/film reporter for FM4 radio website, Vienna, 2014-2015

Contributing writer for Sissy Magazin, Berlin, 2014-2015

Contributing writer for The Gap magazine and website, Vienna, 2014


Women’s Prison films, 2014

Love Poems by Avedis Tarsis
Ink drawings by me

published June 2021 by Ketos Verlag

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Arrhythmien können verdammt gefährlich sein – besonders, wenn sie von der Liebe verursacht werden. Avedis Tarsis widmet sich in seinem ersten Gedichtband allen Spielarten amouröser Rhythmusveränderungen: von der bloß anbetenden über die fleischlich konsumierte bis zur rückwirkend verfluchten Liebe schlägt der Autor den Bogen und fasst dabei in knappe Verse, was die Musen ihm in sein halbtaubes Ohr gehaucht haben: "... Drum fass dir ein Herz / Und reiß es aus: / Es hat dich lange genug geärgert."


Poems by Ana Božičević
Ink drawings by me

published April 2021 by blush

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 Spring City is for everyone who loves even when they hate the city, fails but stays in its timeloops & myths, when on eternity's scale our presence here is a New York minute. Even after so many years, the city still seems like a weird dream that just suddenly rose up out of the ocean, water glistening on the towers and the avenues. 


Art Book by Sarah Scarr
Story and Illustrations by me:
At once a work of epistolary prose, an instruction manual, and an obsessive tirade on Lesbian cinema and culture.

Collaboration x Two Trick Pony Press
MARCH 2021

   In the hot night, out in the backyard, by a dead flat screen television and a pile of bricks, my student spotted a worn brown sofa, and the solitary shape of someone sitting upon it: a girl, like her, dazed by boredom but unable to leave. The girl, large and blonde as well, was wearing a white blouse and a yellow vest. There were pearls in her earlobes and her shoes were new. My student sat down beside her. They discovered they were both Episcopalians, that their favorite writer was John Greene.