I am a writer, translator, and amateur illustrator from Vienna based in New York City.

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Personal essay about the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Romy Scheider, and Kristen Stewart. 

Published in Kenyon Review in July 2023.

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Her name may have been Elisabeth, but of course we called her only Sisi. “Sisi!” in singsong, the first of the twinned syllables pronounced higher and more shrilly than the second, an invocation as much as an expression of yearning. “Sisi . . .” spoken as a sigh. In shimmering glass vitrines, opulent cakes and violet- or rose-colored candies were named after her. “Sisi” whispered from billboards and from the mouths of aunts and those frail gray-haired ladies on the red-and-white trams with wooden floors that rattled from the vineyards and forests into the Ringstrasse...